Saturday, 17 November 2012


To be honest I haven't used blogger for years because of my loss of interest for it but recently I've been reading many blogs and remembering how cool it was back in the day. The last time I used a blog was back when I was in seventh grade and my history teacher made my class hand in our assignments on it. A concept everyone in my class loved and hailed, but something I personally hated because I felt school work should be old fashioned. Anyway, my name is Firas Darwiche. I am 16 years old and I live in Ottawa, Canada but originate from the great nation that is Lebanon. I am excited to start blogging again and start spreading my ideas, opinions and points of view to the world and see how people respond. The main content of this blog will probably be me expressing my opinions on music or movies because these are topics I love to discuss. However, if I feel that there is a topics outside music and movies that I feel I want to express my opinions about, I will do so! So I hope you like my blog, hopefully I get used to it as fast as i possibly could and start posting as soon as possible!

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